Bliss Sterilization Procedures:

Bliss takes great care in making sure that our implements, furnishings and spa are kept at the highest level of cleanliness.

Bliss uses an autoclave (shown in the picture below) to clean our implements which is also the common practice that doctors offices use.  An autoclave is a device to sterilize equipment and supplies by subjecting them to high pressure saturated steam at 121 °C or more, typically for 15-20 minutes. 

Items that can not be placed in the autoclave are disposed of and hard surfaces are cleaned with a hospital grade cleaner as well as a steam cleaner to sanitize the floors.

Bliss premises are also sanitized by a professional cleaner. Please feel free to ask us any questions regarding our sterilization policies. Your Blissful treatments begin with your peace of mind.

Bliss has a no double dip policy and this is very important when it comes to waxing. We individually pour wax out for each client and dispose of anything that is left over.


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