Bliss offers Microblading done by Anca. She has done an intensive course for Microbladding that is Health Canada approved here in Victoria at Nova Beauty and she is consistently finding new techniques to advance her already amazing skills. Below is the Microblading that Anca did on Bliss Spa's owner Nicole Philibert.




Microblading makes filling in your brows a thing of the past. It is a semi permanent tattoo that goes into the superficial layer of the skin by applying thin strokes to make them appear like fine hair to show thicker and fuller brows. The maintenance of Microblading is very low, just a brief one year touch up. 

The whole process of getting them done at Bliss has been carefully thought out so that we can deliver you with the best brows.

If you would like to have Microblading done we will begin the process by booking a Brow Shape and Microblading Consultation, so that we can clean up your brows and discuss the desired look you are wanting to achieve. We will then book your two hour Microblading appointment where Anca will apply a topical Anesthetics to numb your brows, show you colors and of course give you a new set of beautiful brows. At first the brows will come off as a little more intense, but after 1-2 weeks the brows will fade 25-40%. Considering this we recommend making sure that you don't have an event until 3 weeks after having the Microblading done. After any scabs have been removed it will be time for your touch up appointment, which we would like to do 3-6 weeks after your Brows have been put on. This is included in the price of the initial microblading appointment. The touch up is really important to see if Anca needs to add any pigment to some areas. Considering that Microbladding is Semi Permanent you will need to have touch up, but the pigment can last up to 2 years.

If you are interested in getting a touch up, fill in, new set of brows or just wanting a little bit more information you can email blissfrontdesk@gmail.com or call us at 250-658-0333.


Microblading Pricing

Brow Shape and Consultation      $25


Full Microblading                        $385

(This includes a 3-6 week touch up)


Microblading Touch up                $100

(for Microblading done at Bliss Only)


Here are some more examples of Microblading done by Anca:








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