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Please read below to help you have a seamless online booking experience, and please email us at or call 250-658-0333 if you need any help or have a question about your booking.

New to Bliss

Welcome! Thank you so much for thinking of Bliss for your Spa needs! We are so thrilled that you would like to try our online booking system. Here are a few easy pointer to help you get started.

~ If you do not currently have a file with us then you will need to create a new account. Please remember to fill out all the information, including email and phone number so that we can keep you updated on any upcoming appointments and avoid a cancellation fee.  Once your file is completed, you will be able to start booking all of your spa appointments. If you have any trouble please give us a call 250-658-0333 or email and we would be happy to either guide you through the problem or book your appointment for you.

** Please note that if you were given a Gift Certificate the person giving it to you may have already given us your information so that we can keep track of your gift card. If so, please check out the “Have been to Bliss but have never booked online” section.

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Have been to Bliss, but have never booked online

Hello There! Welcome to Bliss Spa’s Online booking, we are so happy you are choosing Bliss for your Spa appointments. Below are a few easy steps to help make your online booking as easy as possible.

~ Since you already have a file at Bliss our online system will make it easier for you to access our system. Simply select “Forgot Password” and enter in your email. You will receive an email that will let you to create a password so you can access the online booking. If you have any problems please gives us a call 250-658-0333 or email

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Have used the online booking before

Welcome Back! We are so happy that you are using our online booking system and we want it to be as easy as possible. Please click the link below to access the system.

** Please note, If you have not been to Bliss since September of 2018, your information will not be available as we switched to a new system. In this case please scroll up to “New to Bliss and our Online Booking” to create a account.

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Online Booking F.A.Q.

All I see is the loading for the online booking, no option to login.

This could be due to your internet browser. Since our Online Booking is a newer software, it does need the newest version of the internet browser, try opening the most updated one.

I have not been in since September 2018 so I created an account and it is saying it remembers my email?

When we closed our old system we were able to transfer over a very small amount of our client list. You are apart of a small lucky group, if this happens simply select forgot password and enter in email to be able to make an appointment.

I always online book, but it does not seem to be working.

Is this the right spa – we are located at 2569 Penrhyn Street. Please feel free to call us at 250-658-0333 or email us at

I am still having trouble and have gone through all the steps.

Our front desk staff would be happy to help to help! please give us a call at 250-658-0333.

I am trying to book an appointment, but nothing seems to be available farther away.

Our Online booking only shows the first 20 spots available so if you are wanting a specific month you will have to set it to a specific date range.

I am trying to book an appointment for TODAY online, but it is not working.

Our online system will not show you availability for the next 12 hours, if you would like to book an appointment within that time frame please give us a call 250-658-0333 and we would be happy to find a spot.