C&R Body

With almost 30 years in the beauty and esthetics industry, we have tried our fair share of body products. After all those years of testing, we never managed to find the perfect products for ourselves and our clients so we decided to create our own! We created an all-natural, waste free line of body care that is everything you want and nothing you don’t: vegan, cruelty free, gluten free, free from unnecessary fillers and chemicals, and scented with only 100% pure essential oils.

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The name Copithorne & Rowe comes from the mother and father of Nicole, the owner of Bliss Boutique Spa, and also served as the name of their successful chinaware business. When her parents passed, Nicole knew that creating this line was the perfect way to commemorate their lives, their talents, and their exceptional business sense. The painting featured on the label of every jar is the final painting that Nicole’s mother finished before she passed away. A strong believer in letting nothing get in the way of her goals, the white gate she painted serves as a beautiful symbol of the spirit of perseverance, courage and tenacity it takes to achieve your dreams; the gate is open, you only need to walk through.

We hope that you feel the love from Copithorne & Rowe every time you use our products.

Collection is available in the boutique for sale and includes Body Butter, a Scrub, Milk Bath and Candles.