Green Circle Spa

Bliss Spa & Wellness is proud to announce we are now a Green Circle Spa! Our now certified Sustainable Spa has 95% of our waste recovered and repurposed, keeping it out of landfills and waterways. With the beauty industry creating 877 pounds of waste every minute, we are so happy to be able to be part of a solution and helping to make beauty beautiful!

Green Circle takes all of our spa waste like single-use items, metals, PPE waste, plastics, and cardboard and uses it to create clean renewable energy, ash to build roads, or cleans and reuses items. Examples of items that our spa will be contributing include- wax strips, paraffin wax & bags, nail buffers, gloves, product packaging, cotton pads, leg wraps, and paper towel.

Services that contribute a large amount of spa waste will have a small stewardship green fee added in order to support the success of the initiative and offset the impact of the carbon footprint they create. So now you can enjoy your relaxing treatment and help the environment- talk about multitasking!

If you’d like to learn more about the Green Circle Salon program and the wonderful work they do, click this link!