Sterilization, Gloves, & Scents

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Whether this is your first visit to Bliss or you have been a client of ours for years, we want everyone to feel safe and comfortable knowing that Bliss takes great care into making sure that our spa environment, implements, and furnishings are kept to the highest level of cleanliness.

Implement Sterilization

For our implement protocol, we never use implements without going through this process. First, we scrub all implements with hot soapy water. We follow this with bathing the implements in CS20 – a chemical disinfectant soak that will kill any bacteria. All implements are then dried and placed in a medical-grade autoclave subjecting them to high-pressure steam at 121*C, typically for 30 minutes.

Non-Implement Sterilization

Items that cannot be placed in the autoclave are disposed of and hard surfaces are cleaned with a hospital grade cleaner.

Floor and Other Surface Cleaning

Bliss takes great care in making sure that our spa environment is clean and tidy, that is why our floors are vacuumed and steam cleaned every morning to ensure maximum cleanliness throughout the day. As well our entire Bliss premises is cleaned and sanitized by professional cleaners weekly.

Our No Double Dip Protocol

Bliss has a strict NO DOUBLE DIP PROTOCOL and this is very important when it comes to waxing. We individually pour wax for each client and dispose of anything left over.

Bliss Spa and Gloves

We have all been hearing a lot about the use of gloves in the medical/spa industry lately. We would like to take this opportunity to separate the facts from fiction. Sanitation and the safety of our clients is and always has been our first priority. In addition to our clean equipment and facilities. We also pride ourselves in thorough hand washing before, during, and after each client. As our desire to offer you the most effective and comfortable experience we do not use gloves for the majority of our treatments. Using the 5 W’s listed below our Estheticians hope to clarify some of the myths surrounding the necessity of glove usage.


Your relationship with your Esthetician should be one of mutual trust and respect. We do everything in our power to create an environment that is clean and comfortable. We also want you to feel as though we trust your personal hygiene, and with a few exceptions do not believe there is any reason not to use skin to skin contact. However, if having your Esthetician wear gloves would put you more at ease during your treatment, we would be more than happy to do so at your request.


Latex gloves are a common irritant and allergen, while many argue that wearing gloves provides a barrier between you and the client that prevents bacteria and pathogens from transferring, gloves can be the same or even worse for someone with a latex allergy and using consistent hand washing throughout the service is a much better option for clients with sensitivities and those without.


While we do not believe in donning gloves for every treatment, we do believe there are certain occasions where it is best for both us and the client. These circumstances include any time where hands may come in direct contact with bodily fluids or non-intact skin, for example, blood, pore extraction, and healing wounds. That being said, the decision to use gloves at Bliss is done so at the discretion of the esthetician who is trained at identifying such factors, or at the request of the client receiving the treatment.


Studies show that the use of gloves in environments like hospitals and spas can actually increase the likelihood of infections. Since estheticians come in contact with a variety of fixtures and tools during your treatment, the risk of cross-contamination while wearing a pair of gloves is much higher than if they were to simply use their clean hands.


To sum it up, we would rather keep our equipment and hands spotless and offer you human touch instead of creating an unnecessary latex barrier between you and relaxation. Constantly wearing latex gloves creates more cons than pros, not only does it create an extreme amount of excess waste, but it can manifest more germs and bacteria should cross-contamination occur. We take every precaution necessary in creating an environment that is meticulously prepared to cleanse and refresh your mind, body, and soul, and we do not wish to minimize that experience through the discomfort latex gloves have been known to bring.

Bliss Spa and Scents

One of the fundamental belief our entire team at Bliss is that we want our clients to feel like they are in a comfortable environment, with this we only use pure essential oils at Bliss to help our clients feel relaxed. Although even the slightest of scent may be an irritant to a few, majority of our clientele comment on the great smell they receive when they walk through our door. The use of artificial fragrance and perfumes have never and will never be apart of the scents used at Bliss. Bliss is not a scent-free spa, but it is definitely artificial scent-free. For those clients with sensitivities to scents please let us know beforehand as we will try our very best to avoid the use of scents before and during your time at the spa. You can also request non-scented products for your service.

For any more information on Bliss Spa’s Sterilization, Glove + Scent Protocol please contact us at or call us at 250-658-0333.

Watch our Implement Sterilization Process here, posted on our Instagram!