Hydrabrasion treatments

Hydrabrasion Treatments


State of the art technology by Lumapharm Inc. Skin resurfacing treatment to remove the outer layer of dead skin by using a superior diamond tip exfoliation with a dry and a wet system. It evenly smooth away dead skin, extract dirt and oil from the pores that have built up to give you the deepest clean possible. The skin on the face, neck and decollete is gently polished and vacuumed whilst the pores are flushed out with distilled water & hyluronic acid removing all of the build up that can cause some of the most common skin concerns like fine lines, grey tones, and hyperpigmentation. It is a non-invasive treatment that stimulates the skins deeper layers to promote new cell growth and delivering unparalleled hydration and radiance. The impurities are collected in a waste container so you can actually see the waste that comes from your skin at the end of your treatment. Suitable for all skin types and concerns. One of the most effective anti-ageing and decongesting treatments available. Its much more gentle than the classic microdermabrasion that even sensitive skins can now experience hydrabrasion.

Classic Hydrabrasion Facial ~ $175~ 60mins

Cleanse, gommage, hydrabrasion treatment, peel, hyaluronic serum & Hydrojelly mask.

Deluxe Hydrabrasion Facial ~ $250 ~ 90mins

Double Cleanse, gommage, hydrabrasion treatment, peel which can now penetrate better, hyaluronic serum & Hydrojelly mask then we move into a JB Skin Sävvi high end facial with additional serums, face/neck/decollete massage second mask, hand and foot massage with paraffin on one that you choose, brow tidy and samples to take home. Really this facial has it all and the results are amazing.

Hydrabrasion & Oxygen Facial ~ $250 ~ 85mins

Double Cleanse, gommage, enzyme mask under oxygen dome, hydrabrasion treatment, hyaluronic serum & additional serums, the spray gun hand piece is used to plump and smooth the skin with oxygen and serum combined. Face/neck/decollete massage with mask, hand and foot massage with paraffin on one that you choose, brow tidy. Finishing with the oxygen dome and led light therapy. Samples to take home. The results are amazing!