What to know before your apt!

Please Read Before your appointment!

  • Please use our hand sanitizer or spray upon arrival and wash your hands regularly.
  • Please arrive a few minutes before your confirmed appointment time, if you are late we will try hard to do everything but we will finish on time and you will be charged in full. We will have to start our next guest on time.
  • Please do not bring anyone with you including children.
  • Bring a drink of water with you in your own reusable travel container and a snack for longer appointments as we do not have a lounge with drinks and snacks.
  • Please let us know if you have gel polish on or wish to have it applied as it will require more time and we do charge extra for this. *Please note we are not a nail bar so we Do Not do fiberglass, acrylic nails or any type of extensions and do not have a drill to remove gel polish that is thick or applied with an acrylic base.
  • We, unfortunately, won’t have magazines for you to catch up on the gossip so bring a book to read if you wish or you are welcome to use your phone as long as it’s on silent mode.
  • Our Garden Suite books quickly and must be reserved. Your booking will have G.S. in front of the services and it is extra to reserve the garden suite. When you receive your booking email make sure it has the G.S.
  • Please make sure you have provided us with your correct email address. When you receive your email to confirm your booking “read it” and make sure everything is correct and if not please let us know right away.
  • If you are having a pedicure remember to bring your flip-flops.
  • If you were a very lucky recipient of our gift certificates and wish to use one for your apt you must have it with you.
  • Please do not come to see us if you are sick, or are at high risk.
  • VERY IMPORTANT TO READ: If you are sick and need to cancel an appointment please remember to give us as much time as possible preferably at least 24-hour notice, if you feel sick the evening before your apt and/or morning so between 5 pm-8:30 am please send us an email at info@mybliss.ca as we read these email 24/7 and can notify the service provider not to come in or fill it with someone on the waiting list. Your last chance to notify us of sickness without being charged is between 8:30 am-9 am, waiting till before your appointment or no-showing is unacceptable (this will result in you paying in full for the appointment.). Remember if you cancel an appointment because of illness we ask you to call us back in 3-5 days when you are completely healthy to re-schedule.

*By attending this appointment you acknowledge that you read the above and also understand physical distancing is not possible during your hands-on service, so there is still a very small risk of exposure via asymptomatic transmission, despite all of our best efforts.