RMT Massages

With all of our massages, our trained and certified staff can apply the amount of pressure that is most comfortable for you.

Book any of these massages side by side in our private garden suite treatment room. A credit card is required to book.

Registered Massage Therapy

Your individual needs are assessed by our Registered Massage Therapists Nikki , Lucy, Heather or our newest rmt Kate to customize your massage. Swedish techniques help relieve muscular tension to improve circulation for optimal tissue and joint health. Please note our R.M.T’s are very booked so bookings that do not give 48 business hours to cancel will be charged in full and a credit card is required to book.

*R.M.T. insurance receipt provided upon request, except when registered massage is purchased with a gift certificate. We have direct billing with Pacific Blue Cross and Insurance Companies covered through Telus Heath (you must register with Telus health). * Please call your provider ahead of time to see if you need a doctor’s note for massage therapy, to ensure you have coverage for massage and what your benefit limitations are. Click here for more information on direct billing.

*Please Make sure you book Initial RMT Massage online if you haven’t had an RMT Massage with us.

60 minute RMT Massage – $130

60 minute RMT Prenatal – $130

Children & Teen RMT Massage 60min – $130.00

Massage can be excellent for children as they grow to help with aches and pains. Dealing with sports or physical activities. It can also help children with any stress or sleep disturbances to help in relaxation. It is very important that we have parental involvement so we encourage parents to be in the room for assessment and proposed form of treatment. The child must be part of decision-making and consent to treatment.

Fire & Ice RMT Massage – $145

Our skilled Registered Massage Therapists await to guide you through a journey of rejuvenation. Feel the synergy of warming jade stones on your back and invigorating Japanese peppermint oil, enhanced by alternating hot and cool towels, offering a sensory experience like no other. This therapeutic technique promotes increased circulation, eases muscle tension, and revitalizes the body and mind. Whether you seek therapeutic relief or pure relaxation, our RMTs invite you to immerse yourself in this transcendent experience.

Ultimate Rejuvenation RMT Hydrotherapy Massage – $165.00

Indulge in ultimate relaxation with this deluxe hydrotherapy massage. A luxurious treatment that begins with soothing hand and foot paraffin wax treatments, known for helping to deeply moisturize the skin, increase blood flow, and ease joint stiffness, making it particularly beneficial for conditions like arthritis. Our skilled therapists then apply hot towels to relax and prepare your muscles. Experience the gentle warmth of jade stones as they glide over your body, releasing tension and promoting a sense of well-being. Jade has been revered for centuries by ancient cultures for its believed energetic benefits, including promoting harmony and balance. Immerse yourself in this opulent experience that combines the best of hydrotherapy and therapeutic massage.

Leg and Foot Revitalizing Hydrotherapy Massage – $145.00

Perfect for those seeking relief from foot pain or simply enjoying a relaxing foot massage, we start with a soothing 5-10 minute warm foot soak. This is followed by a therapeutic foot paraffin wax treatment, known for its benefits in treating conditions such as arthritis, plantar fasciitis, and chronic foot pain by softening the skin, increasing circulation, and alleviating discomfort. The session continues with a massage focused on the back, legs, and feet to further enhance circulation and reduce tension. Whether you’re dealing with sore feet and legs or just looking for a deeply relaxing experience, this treatment offers targeted relief and rejuvenation.

Upper Body Renewal Hydrotherapy Massage – $145.00

Experience the soothing effects of our upper body focused hydrotherapy massage. Start face down as our expert therapists address tension in your back and shoulders. You are then gently rolled over to receive a hydrating paraffin wax treatment on your hands, which helps to moisturize the skin, increase circulation, and reduce pain and stiffness from conditions like arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome. This is complemented by a hot towel applied to your neck and chest. The session continues with a warm jade stone massage on your arms and hands, believed by ancient cultures to have energetic properties that promote balance and well-being. We then finished this treatment with a relaxing neck massage. This treatment focuses on relieving tension and enhancing circulation in your arms, hands, shoulders, and neck, leaving you feeling relaxed and revitalized.

75 minute RMT Massage – $160.00

90 minute RMT Massage – $190 (not available for online booking and must be requested well in advance to fit into the RMT’s schedule.

Jade Stone Massage with an RMT – 60 minutes – $150.00

Warm Stone Massage with an RMT – 60 minutes – $150.00


Deep Sleep

Serious state of relaxation for peaceful nights sleep. With essential oils and head to toe massage working on all aspects of physical, mental and emotional stress. Must have for Jet lag or Insomnia.

Light Pressure

It offers a gentle intensity and is designed to increase circulation, enhance lymphatic drainage and promote relaxation.

Deep Pressure

Targets sore areas from exercise or tension of daily lift to enhance muscle recovery. Deep muscle work moves lactic acid out of the system. A mild soreness may result and can only be performed by our RMT’s or Massage Practitioner.

*Please let us know at time of booking which pressure you wish so you are booked with the right service provider for your massage.