COVID-19 Safety plan for Clients

Bliss Spa Re-Open Plan July 2020 Phase 3

As a company we’ve been closely following the evolving impact of the novel coronavirus(COVID-19). Our mission has and always will be to provide our guests with the best experience in the safest environment. With this in mind we have been closely following the guidance of the Health authorities in British Columbia, WorkSafeBC, CMTBC as well as the Beauty Council of BC, taking steps above and beyond to ensure the safety of our guests and our staff.

Our owner Nicole graduated from Blanche Macdonald and passed all her board exams in 1992, at that time esthetics was government regulated so she has been board certified covering all health guidelines and has been strictly following them ever since. 

Nicole has also recently updated her qualifications through the Beauty Council of Canada. You can see our Beauty Safe Certification posted at Bliss Spa.

Nicole sent an email on May 1st to Dr. Bonnie Henry and the Honorable Adrian Dix regarding what we do at Bliss and what our plan was for our reopening. Dr. Henry’s team responded with the following words of encouragement: 

“I commend you for your steadfast commitment to the health and safety of our communities, your civil diligence does not go unnoticed. It has taken great care and collective effort for all industries to meet dynamic public health needs during this time, including the unfortunate temporary closures of your industry. We recognize that many personal service establishments take pride in meeting and exceeding infection prevention and control protocols, as per the Guidelines for Personal Service Establishments and provincial BeautySafe Certification. You have described that your business is held to a high quality of these standards, and we appreciate the leadership you demonstrate in your industry.”  

On July 16th, 2020 Bliss had our unannounced visit from the Vancouver Island Health inspector to do our report on our Covid19 protocols and we passed with flying colors. The inspector said we were one of the very few businesses that he didn’t need to change or add anything to our protocols which is rare. If anything they said we do more to keep our clients and staff safe.

Bliss Spa has implemented the following precautionary measures on top of our existing high standard of rigorous and strict sanitation standards. Link to our existing sterilization protocols

What we are doing

  • We will be screening each client at the time of booking and at arrival of your service.
  • We will be limiting the number of guests we have in the spa at a given time so that clients can keep to the distancing guidelines of 2 meters. We are so fortunate to have a large space with all private rooms.
  • Our waiting room will now be located outside in front of the spa, or you are welcome to wait in your car. 
  • We will have an in-door and an out-door so we have a clear direction of traffic flow.
  • Every treatment room, common space and bathroom including hard surfaces, beds and door handles will be cleaned using medical grade cleaner after every client and before the next client.
  • Our staff will not come to work if we are sick and we will be taking our temperature to ensure we are healthy to work. We will also stay within British Columbia and continue to practice social distancing outside of work.
  • Spa coordinators will be wiping surfaces down and door handles regularly.
  • We are staying informed and taking all steps recommended by public health officials.
  • PPE as recommended by Work Safe BC. 
  • The amount of cleaning we do between ever client and wearing a mask for our entire shift is very hard work so please be kind, be calm, be safe and Patient. Thankyou, Bliss Team

What You Can Do 

  • Please do not arrive early for your appointment and please do not walk into the spa, please wait at the silver line and let us assist you.
  • Please use our hand sanitizer or spray upon arrival and wash your hands regularly.
  • Please do not bring anyone with you including children.
  • Bring a drink of water with you in your own reusable travel container. Please no food.
  • You can pay in advance if you like via e-transfer or calling in your credit card or GC.
  • Dr. Henry requires that you must wear a mask during personal services when possible. Please bring your own. We do have some available for purchase.
  • DO NOT wear gloves to the spa. We will be spraying your hands with our health approved aromatherapy hand sanitizer before you enter the spa.
  • We unfortunately won’t have magazines for you to catch up on the gossip so bring a book to read if you wish.
  • If it is your first time receiving a massage from one of our RMT’s (Registered Massage Therapist) or an Acupuncture treatment please email or call us so that we can send you the forms to fill out and return to us before your massage or you are more then welcome to arrive early to fill them out in your car.
  • Please make sure you have provided us with your correct email address for contact tracing.
  • Please do not come to see us if you are sick, are at high risk, or have been out of British Columbia in the last 14 days (we would really appreciate clients to stay on Vancouver island).
  • If you are sick and need to cancel an appointment please remember to give us as much time as possible preferably at least 24 hour notice. If you wake up on the day of your appointment and are sick please call us between 8:30am-9am to cancel, waiting till before your appointment or no-showing is unacceptable (this could result in you not being able to book with us again). Remember if you cancel an appointment because of illness we ask you to call us back in 14 days to reschedule (following self-isolation requirements)

What we can do Together

  • Our lobby will be for your eyes only in regards to product purchases so we will do all the collecting, wiping clean and packaging up for you. We won’t have any testers so please if you are purchasing a product for the first time please ask for a sample to accompany your purchase as returns won’t be accepted during the covid pandemic.
  • Calling to purchase products and paying in advance to maintain social distancing is the easiest way to order products. You can also order on our online site (free delivery in Victoria over $100.00). If you do stop by to purchase product/gift certificates please be aware you may need to take a seat in one of the outside seats or wait in the car until a staff member is free.
  • Communication is key to a safe environment for everyone so please feel free to call 250-658-0333  or email if you have any questions or concerns.

By attending this appointment you acknowledge that you understand physical distancing is not possible during your hands-on service, so there is still a small risk of exposure via asymptomatic transmission, despite all of our best efforts.