Due to a change in our online booking system The online booking will only work if you use Google Chrome we are sorry for any inconvenience.


You may still view available dates and times for services online, but to book you can call (250-658-0333) or email (myblissfrontdesk@gmail.com) to book appointments.

Online Booking

Please note: for some reason it might say error to check if your appointment has been made go to the history tab at the top and it will list your upcoming appointments.

Please click here to book an appointment online.

Make sure you go through all four steps

1. pick a servicet

2. pick an esthetician

3. pick your date

4.You must put in a credit card and get a confirmation # by email for your apt to be booked.

Please give us a call if you have any questions.250-658-0333 or email myblissfrontdesk@gmail.com

* if you miss a step it will look like we have no space available. It will only show times for one day at a time and you can not book for day of. For day of or to cancel an appointment please email or give us a call.


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