Cosmetic Acupuncture

Available for Booking with Dr. Syd!

*This treatment can be found under Monthly Spa Features on the online booking page.*

Acupuncture Facial with Oxygen Dome and LED: 75 minutes (spring special $205)

For holistic anti aging, increased collagen production and a revitalized skin glow

Discover the fusion of cosmetic acupuncture and a classic facial, enhanced by the rejuvenating effects of oxygen and LED. The process involves the gentle insertion of tiny needles into the face, creating micro-trauma that kickstarts collagen production and enhances blood and qi flow to the treated area. Our Facial Acupuncture treatment combines ancient techniques with modern indulgence for a revitalizing glow. Ideal for those seeking to diminish signs of aging, refine their complexion, tone the face, and boost collagen for a revitalized skin glow.

*Acupuncture services may be covered by your extended health insurance. Please verify your eligibility with your insurance provider.