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Book before October 15th and enjoy a complimentary decolleté treatment paired with our rejuvenating oxygen dome and LED light therapy.

Microneedling is a cosmetic procedure using the Dp4 Optimal microneedling device from DermapenWorld™ backed by leading technology and years of research.
Dp4™ from DermapenWorld is taking the microneedling pen industry by storm. Dp4™ glides over the skin creating millions of fine, vertical fractional channels up to 104% faster than other microneedling pens. These channels can carry up to 80% more topical nutrients deeper into the skin. The micro-injuries trigger a natural process of repair, increasing the production of collagen and elastin and visibly improving a wide range of skin concerns. This award-winning technology has significant benefits over dermal-rolling and fractional laser treatments, due to the minimal trauma to the client’s skin. Dp4™ gives skin the chance to spend more effort fighting the ailment itself, rather than any collateral damage caused by the procedure.

Sydney’s personalized approach begins with a thorough skin preparation, involving deep cleansing and exfoliation. This essential step ensures your skin is primed for the transformative journey ahead. Sydney then skillfully employs the Dp4 Microneedling device on your skin’s surface, delicately creating microchannels. This technique is designed to stimulate the release of essential growth factors and coax your skin into a regenerative self-repairing process. Sydney completes your treatment with O2 dome therapy and LED light therapy. These luxurious finishing touches further amplify collagen production, alleviate inflammation, and optimize the absorption of skincare products, leaving your skin with an unparalleled glow.

Some of the main benefits of Microneedling include:

Skin Rejuvenation: A radiant and refreshed complexion.

Scar Reduction: Diminished appearance of scars.

Hyperpigmentation Treatment: Effective management of uneven skin tone.

Improved Texture and Tone: Achieve smoother and more even skin.

Enhanced Product Absorption: Maximizing the efficacy of skincare products.

~ $275