Stone Crop Summer Series


Eminence Stone Crop Pedicure

Start off the 2019 Summer with perfect feet! This  pedicure begins by soaking your feet in a warm foot bath filled with the stone crop oil, before you move to one of our beds where you can unwind and relax in a private room. A Certified Esthetician will do all necessary cuticle and callus work before wiping away any dry skin with the Eminence Stone Crop Scrub. The stone crop restorative wrap will then be worked in and wrapped onto your legs with warm towels and lavender paraffin on your feet. While your legs are hydrating enjoy a facial massage using the Eminence Hibiscus creams that diminish the appearance of fine lines and help lift to reveal a more youthful appearance. Followed by a foot and leg massage with the stone crop contour body cream, which is not only hydrating but also works to tighten and smooth your legs. Finishing with the perfect colour of polish before completing this summer pedi. As an extra bonus receive one free mini Eminence Product with this treatment while supplies lasts.

* Rosehip + Lemongrass Lip balm

* Neroli Age Corrective Eye Serum

* Stone Crop Mist   


Eminence Contouring Massage with Back Wrap

Start this Massage with a stone Crop infused foot bath to relax you from head to toe. Our beds are adjusted to make sure that you are at the perfect position and temperature before we start with a back wrap using the stonecrop Cleanser, followed by Eminence’s new Stonecrop revitalizing Body Scrub to wipe away any dryness in a hard to reach area. We will then work in the new stone crop restorative wrap. The full body massage uses a blend of Stone Crop Body oil and the Stone Crop Contouring Cream. The contour cream is the perfect edition to this summer massage as it is designed to make the skin more toned and smoother making this massage beneficial as well as relaxing.




This special is also available with one of our registered Massage therapist for an additional $25. The massage portion of the special will be able to be covered under your insurance.

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