April Specials

Luxury Spring Dr. Babor Facial 

Experience our Luxury Dr.Babor facial your skin will feel refreshed, radiant, hydrated and plumped in appearance. This facial uses a deep peel, multiply vials and cold therapy which has been a fixture in red carpet facials thanks to its ability to give instant visible results, lifting and tightening the skin, stimulating blood flow to give a healthy glow. The cold is excellent to dial down redness, calms inflammation and brightens a dull complexion. We then follow with a mask blend of hyaluronic acid and second skin mask. With this result based facial you will also get to enjoy additional relaxation with a hand and foot massage along with warm lavender paraffin to keep your feet nice and warm. Keep the effects going with a take-home gift bag filled with Babor .


Luxury Spring Yonka Pedicure & Mini Facial

Nothing beats our Luxury Yonka Pedicure and now you get to enjoy it at the perfect time for the perfect price. Starting with a warm essential oil foot soak, before moving into one of our beds that can be adjusted to your comfort. Our certified estheticians will do all necessary nail, cuticle, and callus work, before using the Yonka Body products to scrub and hydrate your feet and lower legs. Legs wraps and lavender paraffin will not only hydrate but relax your feet and leg muscles. Enjoy a Mini Yonka Facial and arm massage before we apply the perfect spring color to your toes. Relaxation at its finest. Take home gift bag as an added bonus.


Luxury Yonka Spring Massage

This treatment begins with a warm foot soak using Yonka’s signature blend of essential oils, You will then get comfortable in one of our heated beds where you will indulge in a back scrub with notes of jasmine, the sugar scrub will clear away any dead skin and will then be removed with hot towels infused with a relaxing blend of essential oils.
Following this, you will enjoy a full body massage using hydrating shea butter of
lavender and mint.

*Book with an RMT for an extra $20.00

Spring Away Treatment
While we’d all prefer to be relaxing on the beach in a faraway destination, we have the next best thing right in your neighbourhood. Take a break from your daily life and come in from the cold and start your staycation with a warming essential oil foot soak. Once you’re nice and cozy in our warm beds we’ll perform a sugar scrub on your legs and feet using our Bliss exclusive blend of lavender and peppermint body products from Copithorne & Rowe. Following the exfoliating and hydrating scrub we’ll massage away any tension in your legs and feet before applying a luxurious lavender paraffin treatment. We’ll then massage your head, neck, and shoulders followed by a mini facial.This treatment will no doubt transport you to your own private oasis.

Spring Warm Jade Stone Sampler Massage with our RMT’S
If you’ve been yearning to feel warm and cozy in these chilly and dreary winter days, this jade stone sampler treatment is just the thing for you! This massage treatment includes the healing and energizing powers of jade stones, warmed to a comforting temperature and glided across your back with essential oils to release stress and promote blood circulation. Once you’re completely relaxed the bliss continues with a full body massage as well as a paraffin foot treatment to leave you with a feeling of fire within, ready to face the day- after a nap of course.

Enjoy these services in our Private Garden Suite for an additional fee per person

(Groups of 2 Only in your bubble and our beds are 6feet apart)